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IDEA Program

Interdisciplinary Design in Expressing the Arts Program (IDEA Program) 

The IDEA Program is created to inspire local artists to think “win win” through collaboration and community immersion. Through the IDEA program, great conversations about innovative ways in promoting the arts and culture in the region take place, through which one idea can become a full blown collaborative project. Through this program, we aim to provide our local artists and our diverse communities the opportunities and avenues to experience, explore, inspire and be inspired to support the development of our budding artists, which in turn can help improve our arts and culture scene in the region. Through the IDEA Program, we believe that building the capacity of the grassroots artists can help inspire a changed behavior in the aspect of art appreciation, accountability, leadership and artists’ economic sustainability.


1. Let’s Get Sketchy- (1.5 hours event)


Interdisciplinary, classic, exploratory, literary, poetic, sketchy!!!
“Let’s Get Sketchy!” will offer a fun full circle art experience for everyone. This is an interdisciplinary collaborative event with focus on Sketching Characters in costume. During the event, the actors will freeze for 15 minutes, then the Portrait Artists will sketch them while musicians from Full Moon Cafe will play  in the background to set the mood, then poets wil write poem about the whole scene using the theme, A story teller will be hanging about telling stories from an imagined world of 19th century, street performers will also blend in with the crowd, and a small reception will be made available for the public. The Arts and Crafts Guild will also have an art and crafts market. The Sketches will be exhibited in the gallery after the show. This event will have public audience going to the Vigilante show . With this event design, we seek to explore innovative ways to bring together interdisciplinary artists to collaborate and share resources for one mission- to explore and expand our experience with the arts.

2. Let’s Show Some Characters

” Let’s Show some Character” a tiered multidisciplinary event that
This event is a higher level rendition of artistic collaboration that will involve local professional photographers,poets and visual artists. During the culmination of the event, there will be a reception and presentation of a hard cover and glossy souvenir book which will showcase the project and the artists together with their pieces of work (Photography, Poetry and Painting).

3. Boobs, babes and Food

The hope is to provide marketing material that promotes breast feeding as the best choice for babies 1st food.

Boreal Artist Institute partners up with the Fort Mcmurray Breastfeeding Support Groups. The hope is to provide marketing material that promotes breast feeding as the best choice for babies 1st food. This group offers peer support that helps overcome the difficulties many new mothers encounter, whether it’s your first baby or your third! The support group have a great team of breastfeeding support persons, ready to give you some help.